Allen Crankshafts Pre-built Animated Video

Here at AVInteractive we’re always trying to think of how to make life easier for our customers, so we’ve created a service called ‘Pre-built Animated Videos’, that does exactly that. It provides our clients with a professional animated video that ticks all the boxes, has a quick turn-around time and is easy on the bank balance.

How does it work? Like this: you pick one of the five pre-built templates based on the style that best suits your brand, you then send us the text to be included, the colours you’d want us to use and any logos and images you’d like us to add. We then apply all of this to the video template and that’s it! Your video is ready.

The beauty of this service is you’ll get a bespoke-looking, professional explainer video for just £375+VAT.

Now this all sounds too good to be true, so you’ll be glad to know that we did indeed face some challenges when creating this service! The main challenge we faced with our Pre-Built Animation Videos was explaining to our customers just how much these animations can suit their budget, time-pressures and brand, whilst looking like a one-off. The idea of the service is that, yes it is based on a template, but it can be tweaked to make it look completely unique. The reason why it is such a reasonable  price is because the basic template has already been built which takes a huge proportion of the leg work out for us.

The example below shows how we transformed one of the templates to suit one of our clients. They (Allens Crankshafts) needed a video for their stand at an event and they needed it in a very short space of time. The Pre-Built Animation Video fulfilled their requirements and became a great example of how branding can transform these off-the-shelf videos into something truly bespoke.