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Medical and pharmaceutical VIDEOS

Creating content for the Medical, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Veterinary industries requires a level of experience and adherence to legal protocols that we at AVInteractive have first hand experience of.

This starts with an understanding of the processes involved so we can translate them into the video and animation tools that you want to use. We’ve created many videos to demonstrate the workings of a product or machine, describe the benefits of a certain drug, or promote good health & safety practices. Whether your topic is for an audience in the know, or needs to go back to basics, your video will deliver your message in the most appropriate way.

Using a variety of real footage, stock footage, animations and graphics, we’ll create a video or animation that can train a team, help those in need, and provide information about your vital services.

View some examples of our previous Medical and Pharmaceutical videos below, and get in touch with our team today to discuss getting yours started.


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We’ve been in the industry for 30 years, and quite simply love making videos.

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