We’re lucky enough to have our own Green Screen Studio on site, so we have the potential to create unique videos in front of a background that is any colour or destination you like.

Classically and most effectively, a green screen is used when filming a presenter, giving you the power to change the background to whatever you wish. This also opens up clean space to add in motion graphics and animated text to underline key messages within your production.
Our on-site Green Screen Studio in Warwickshire is where we film everything from product videos to professional presenters, so when we use our Green Screen Studio to shoot your video, we have the latest technology and techniques at our fingertips.
We handle everything for a Green Screen shoot, from presenters to scripts, autocues to lighting, and even have a portable set up so that we can come out to your premises if your prefer, to capture footage of your topic in situ.

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Green screen video services
Video translation service

If you need a video translated into a number of different languages then we can help. Equally, if you have a foreign video that needs to be adapted for a UK audience then we can help with that too!

Our video translation service is one of our specialities, and we make sure that your audience is getting an accurate representation of what is being said on screen, whatever their language. We use a mixture of on screen graphics, subtitles and voiceover to accurately depict the conversation in the right language for the intended audience, and we can do this quickly and efficiently to an existing video, or a video that we have created for you – just ask for your video in whatever language you want.

Get in touch today and let us know what our video translation service can do for you.

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  • English-Deutsch-English: Video-Übersetzungsdienst
  • English-Español-English: servicio de traducción de vídeos
  • English-Français-English: service de traduction vidéo
  • English-Italiano-English: servizio di traduzione video
  • English-Nederlands-English Video vertaaldienst
  • English-Norsk-English Tjeneste for videooversettelse
  • English-Polski-English: usługa tłumaczenia wideo
  • English-Português- English Serviço de tradução de vídeo
  • English-Svenska-English Översättning av video

Long-Form Video Content has rapidly increased in popularity and our Studio is the perfect setting to capture these open discussions with industry experts.

If you are looking for somewhere to host a podcast, or to record audio/visual, then get in touch. Our Studio provides the perfect place for lively conversation that can be captured and edited post production, recorded for later use, or broadcast live to your audience, via Youtube, Vimeo or your platform of choice.
With our skilled team on-hand, the Studio can be hired by the hour or the day, and has all of the equipment you could possibly need for recording or livestreaming. You might be a seasoned podcaster looking for a quiet hideaway to record your content, or you might be completely new to it all. Either way, we have the equipment and the expertise, you just need to bring the conversation!
Chat to us today.
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We don’t just keep our studio all to ourselves, we hire the space to fellow creatives and share its fantastic potential.

If you are a content creator looking for a space then get in touch about hiring our Studio by the hour or the day.
Located in Alcester, Warwickshire, The Studio is based in Minerva Mill Innovation Centre – a beautiful Victorian Grade II listed building that has been renovated to provide state of the art facilities and is easily accessible from the nation’s motorway links – M1, M5, M42 and M40 – and is only 20 miles from Birmingham International Airport.
On-site you’ll also have access to the building’s ‘chill out area’, The Bubble, which provides an open space to relax and grab a bite to eat. The Bubble serves a wide range of beverages and delicious healthy food and snack options throughout the day.
The studio is approx 7.6 meters by 4.3 meters in size.

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