Complete Video Production

Our Complete Video Production Service

We were talking in the Studio the other day about how our projects can differ greatly in terms of customer involvement. We have clients who have known us for years and supply us with all the information that we need, without us even having to ask. They then leave us to it. But we also have clients who really enjoy being involved from start to finish, inputting ideas and suggestions at all stages. Again, we understand how much they want to be involved so we accommodate their hands-on approach.

But what about new clients? How do they know how much to get involved with, and how much do they want to be able to hand over to us? So, I thought I would explain how we approach projects and what our expectations are.

As video producers that have been in the industry for a number of years, we know what we are doing. Our video service means end to end, leave it to us, we’re on it. That doesn’t however mean that we don’t want your input – we need to know what you want to achieve, your message and your target audience. Once we know this, you can be as involved or as hands-off as you want.

Creating a great video that delivers your messages in an effective and compelling way is the result of a series of processes; it’s much more than pointing a camera and hitting record and certainly doesn’t happen by accident. The first part of the process is as I mentioned before – learning what the point of your video is. At AVInteractive we pay great attention to our customer’s needs and goals which means the planning stage of any production is paramount, with you involved.

After that it is all about careful planning and preparation; great ideas, scripts and storyboards are all part of the process so we can provide all of this ready for you to agree to. If however you have a script ready in preparation then we are more than happy to tweak and amend based on what we know works – all the time making sure the script conveys what you want to say.

When it comes to our production processes, if we are going out to film an event for example, risk assessments and carbon footprint calculations are just a small part of the process we go through to make sure the production stage runs smoothly and we do our part to protect the environment. Shoots are carried out with the optimal number of crew, not too many but enough to do a great job.

Many of our clients like to get involved in the production process, which we welcome where appropriate, especially where they have a very unique offering and expertise that has to be conveyed in the programme. Equally if you want us to just turn up and get on with it, then we can decide on all the things that mean we capture the action in the best possible way.

Editing what we have captured is where our finely-tuned expertise really come into their own, as editing the footage is make or break. This is probably the point that our clients can be least involved in, but we of course need feedback and amends once the first version is put together.

In order to put together a great video, collaboration with other creative agencies and internal marketing teams is not uncommon and in these cases we’re happy for our clients or their partners to be involved as much as they are comfortable with.

Our objective is to give you a video that exceeds your expectations, so whether you want to leave our complete video production service, or to input ideas at all stages, that suits us.