Hire our green screen studio and sit in the Director’s Chair!

Hire our green screen studio and access all the equipment and expertise you need to make professional-looking videos.

We’ve all made videos on our phones and cameras to use on line, but the reality is that they look as though they have been made on a phone; the quality isn’t great, the lighting is all over the place and the script needs a bit of work. All in all, a homemade video can be a bit underwhelming.

So, if your videos need stepping up a gear, we can help – you can use our green screen studio and cameras to film videos that you can be proud of, with the option to add logos, name straps, subtitles, and music.

What is a green screen?

A green screen video production normally entails a presenter standing or sitting in front of a green screen, which provides the unique ability to change the background to whatever you wish. The ‘green’ of the screen can be replaced with an environment, such as an office or a meeting room, or a complimentary graphical image that enhances your brand, so filming in front of a green screen means that you can make a huge range of high quality videos to suit all your platforms and campaigns.

View some examples here.

We supply you with a camera operator, camera, microphones and lighting and use of an autocue. You supply the ideas, the people and the script (although if you need help with any of these things then of course, shout) and then lights, camera, action, you’re on!

The Studio

Our Studio is based at our office in Minerva Mill in Alcester and operates a walk-in, walk-out approach so in other words it is always set up ready to go. You can hire the studio by the hour or by the day and we will be on hand to make sure that you are getting the best out of your time, and if you need breaks and lunches then our on-site café serves ludicrously tempting meals and snacks. The coffee is good too.

So if you want to start shooting your own high quality, engaging videos where you have total control, then get in touch today.