This animated explainer video was created for The British Specialist Nutrition Association, who are the voice of the specialist nutrition industry in the UK. They are a trade association representing manufacturers of high quality specialist nutritional and aseptically compounded products, and needed an animation to explain the processes manufacturers take in the production and delivery of Parenteral Nutrition products.

The animation contains a large amount of technical information which needed to be delivered in a clear and engaging way. The chosen delivery – a character-based explainer animation – was the perfect vehicle to carry this message as it allows the use of bold colours and fonts taken from the BSNA brand guidelines. The bespoke graphic design in the video benefited the production as the products could be created so they didn’t reference one particular manufacturer’s design. This approach allows the animation to be engaging with a broader rage of viewers.

The animation utilises a professional voiceover artist and the images and animation reflect the narration, which is also incorporated into the visuals on screen so that the story can be followed with and without sound.

4K Animation

The animation was created in 4k which is four times the resolution of HD. The results are pin-sharp graphics within the animation.

Bespoke Graphic Design

Bespoke images were created for this project to ensure the products and approaches are represented in a true to life fashion.

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