William Curtis

William Curtis Landscape & Garden Design

This promotional video was produced for William Curtis Landscape & Garden Design to display the finished results of some of the company’s finest designs. As the gardens and natural swimming pools cover large areas, it was a perfect project to utilise drone footage. The aerial footage from the drone captured the layouts of the landscapes, designs and pools that wouldn’t have been possible from ground level. All the footage was captured in 4K resolution, four times higher than HD, resulting in pin-sharp footage.

Drone Footage

Aerial footage was captured to add ‘new heights’ to the overall production. Our drone operations are conducted under a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Filming in 4K

The video cameras utilise large chip sensors, so with the right lens this creates a ‘filmic’ aesthetic. All footage was shot in stunning 4K resolution, including the aerial footage.

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