Baxter Healthcare

Baxter Healthcare – Sepsis Cycle Animation

We count ourselves very lucky to have worked with Baxter Healthcare on a variety of projects. The challenge set by Baxter Healthcare for this animated explainer video was to create a graphical interpretation of what happens inside the human body when in a Sepsis Cycle. Pulling reference from medical descriptions and the information supplied by Baxter Healthcare, each ‘character’ was created from our imagination, the result being an engaging and colourful animated video that brings a very complex topic to life. The animation also includes a professional voiceover to narrate the scenarios, and a licensed music track. The animation was created in 4K resolution.

Creative Design

Every bacteria, cell, cytokine and setting is a bespoke creation. The look and style was created from our interpretation and imagination.

4K Animation

The animation was created in 4k which is four times the resolution of HD. The results are pin-sharp graphics within the animation.

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