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Evonic Fires

This Promotional video was created for Evonic Fires, with the purpose of displaying the functions of the fireplaces and to show the viewer the range of styles that Evonic Fires has to offer. To create this video we applied a wide selection of video production techniques, including –

  • Capturing footage of each fire place in 4K, in a verity of angles and frames
  • Comping the fireplaces into new environments eg living spaces
  • Filming at our green screen studio to capture use of the mobile app
  • Overlaid animation to help explain key messages in the video
  • ‘Explainer’ style 2D animations
  • Professional voiceover artist

The combination of these techniques created an in-depth yet uncomplicated finish to this Promo video.

Green Screen

The video footage on the app was shot in our in-house green screen studio at our offices in Alcester, Warwickshire.

‘Explainer’ Style Animation

An Explainer Animation Video is a very popular method of getting a message across. The style of this animation could also make a great segue within a longer video to break up the story and keep the production engaging.

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