FireQual is the specialist Awarding Body for the fire protection industry, working for the betterment of knowledge and skills. FireQual required a video as an introduction to the company that answers the question “what is FireQual?”.

The end result is an animated explainer video. This video includes the use of a professional voiceover artist, bespoke created animated graphics and animated text to deliver the story in an engaging and clear way.

The narration is also incorporated into the visuals on screen so that the story can be followed with or without sound.


4k Animation

The animation was created in 4k which is four times the resolution of HD. All graphics used in the explainer are tailored to suit FireQual’s brand identity.

Animated Logo

Included in the animation is an animated logo. To ensure consistency within FireQual’s future projects,  the animated logo is a stand alone asset that can be used in future videos

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