Genba Digital

Genba Digital
GENBA™ is a cloud based distribution platform that connects digital content owners with sales channels on a global level. Their video needed to be explanatory and engaging so that viewers could not only see how the platform works, but could picture themselves using it. We did this by creating bespoke, stylish graphics to reflect Genba Digital’s brand identity, alongside real footage with music and voiceover that would take the viewer on a tour of how the platform works. The video was created in 4K resolution for the highest quality viewing.

Detailed Storyboarding

We produced a storyboard to represent the graphics we were going to use in the animation, so that we could be sure that Genba Digital were happy with the style before we started creating the animation.

Bespoke Graphics

All graphics were created from scratch, including an animated representation of the GENBA™ platform itself, which is completely unique and bespoke to Genba Digital.

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Watch the video below to find out about the Animation process at AVInteractive

``Would happily recommend AVInteractive for their video production services. They nailed the brief for us, capturing our brand perfectly. Tom is a lovely guy and a pleasure to work with. The whole process was smooth sailing from start to finish. We would have no hesitation in working with them for future projects.``

Beth Chapman Brand & Marketing Manager at Genba Digital