Mills CNC – Synergi

Mills CNC – Synergi, Automated Manufacturing Cells.

Mills CNC is a machine tools company based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. To help make automation manufacturing more accessible to their customer base, Mills CNC has developed a new line of systems. They have called this product ‘Synergi’ and there are three options for their customers to choose from – Premier, Classic and Sprint.

Working in collaboration with Wow Communications, we have created three videos that represent each of the Synergi systems. These promotional videos have a heavily stylised editing and animation technique applied to all of them. Careful consideration was taken within the production for the choice of music track for each video edit. The track needed to be similar but also link to the style of the individual system. Using the Mills CNC brand colours and fonts, fast paced cuts, video and animated overlay graphics, the end result is a bold, striking and an exciting set of promo videos that intrigues the viewer.

Graphical Treatment

Animation and editing techniques applied in the production have created a contemporary, stylised look and feel to the videos


Filming during the Pandemic

All footage was shot ‘on site’ following UK Government guidelines. All footage was captured in stunning 4K resolution.

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