Mills CNC

Mills CNC

The promotional video displayed above has been created for Mills CNC, a machine tools company based in Leamington Spa, in collaboration with Wow Communication. The production of the video includes 4K footage, aerial drone footage, animation and text overlays – all of the elements that we consider to make a quintessential ‘Promo video’. Narrated by a professional voice over artist with key messages underlined with motion graphic text, the video explains and promotes what Mills CNC do.

The process for the production of this style of video will start with the script (we consider this to be the backbone of the production) followed by creation of a shot list that will make our shoot days more efficient and ultimately, cost-effective to our clients. Once filming is complete the editing process with begin by cutting the footage to follow the voice over and music track, followed by the addition of overlaid graphics and animations, before being supplied to our client for review.


Drone Footage

Indoor and outdoor aerial footage was captured by one of our qualified pilots. Our drone operations are conducted under a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Filming during the Pandemic

Footage was shot ‘on site’ following UK Government guidelines. All footage was captured by AVInteractive in stunning 4K resolution.

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