Purity – Purity Ale

Services: Promotional Video
Purity Brewing Company at Aston Villa

This Promotional video was created for Purity Brewing Co to celebrate the release of  their ‘Purity Pale’ which was created for Aston Villa Football Club.

The video was designed to enhance both Purity Brewing Co’s and Aston Villa Football Club’s branding, so we used a treatment that highlighted their key brand colours.

Drone Footage

Aerial footage was captured to add ‘new heights’ to the overall production. Our drone operations are conducted under a PfCO

(Permission for Commercial Operations) issued by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Designed for Social Media

The video was shared on both Aston Villa and Purity’s social media platforms, with massive success.

Between Instagram, Facebook and Youtube the video achieved over 100,000 views in the first few days. We optimised the performance of the video for Instagram by re-editing the aspect ratio to make the most of a mobile phone screen in portrait.

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