What’s your story?

What’s your story? The importance of telling your story through video.

We found a video in the archives the other day that discussed the importance of videos and first impressions, and that made us think about how instrumental a video can be in getting your story across. Ok, so you may think that we are bound to say that – seeing as we are video producers – but hear me out.

I think we would all agree that you can’t help being engaged in a story when someone is telling it to you face to face. You buy into the story because it is coming straight from the horse’s mouth; you may like how excited or animated they get about it; and you might even start picturing yourself within the story as well. That’s because the storyteller and you have made a connection.

So, why is a connection important? Because people won’t buy into you or your product unless they feel a connection to you or your brand, it’s as simple as that. A lot of our retail clients mention ‘brand loyalty’ and their constant striving to make a connection with their customers so that they buy again and again.

You may already be sharing your story without even realising it. An image on Instagram or a ‘check-in’ on Facebook, are rare insights into your story, and build up a picture of you and what you are about, but they only provide small glimpses of the bigger picture that explains your brand identity, your ethos and why you do what you do.

A sad fact is that a lot of businesses have incredibly powerful stories to tell, but assume it is already common knowledge or not top of their list of news stories. It’s a shame because maybe this story would connect with so many people and open up a whole new audience. We are guilty of this ourselves, as we just assume that everyone in our industry knows us by now and the story about how we started and why we continue to do what we do. But that’s probably not the case, so how many people out there are we not connecting with…..

Why video?

There are a number of reasons why video is such an important medium for helping to make that connection. It is multisensory for a start; a combination of visuals and sound that can be powerfully emotive. You can use video to prompt thought, inspire, uplift and create deeper connections. The entire range of human emotions can be nudged within a 30 second clip if you get it right.

A clear and concise story through video can get all of your points across within a small time frame so the viewer gets to understand you, your company and whether they can see themselves working with you, your service or product.