We have produced a number of case studies for AMOB UK, and we recently produced their corporate video. The video’s structure is based on a series of interviews with staff members, as well as B-roll footage from a variety of other shoots. In order to keep this video in the same style as other videos in the series, we have used motion tracked graphic tags to provide key facts.

YouTube hits

Youtube viewing figures hit 25K within 7 days. Tom Wood, MD of AMOB UK said “It already has over 25k views on YouTube and is our best piece of marketing material to date – by a long way.”

Overlay Motion Graphics

We used a mixture of graphics to communicate key facts to the viewer

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``I have worked with AVI, and Marc, for many years now, and have commissioned well over a dozen videos to be produced and edited to the best quality. I could not recommend this company enough.``

Tom Wood Managing Director at AMOB UK