Breas Multi-language Tutorials

Breas – EveryWare tutorials

Originally created in English, this EveryWare tutorial serious is a collection of seven videos, created using a mixture of screen capture video of the software, overlaid animated text and real footage whilst being narrated by a professional voiceover artist. The screen captures have been superimposed to appear as if they are on a laptop to give context to the viewer, and ‘cutaway’ shots of mouse movements and typing have been included to reinforce the interaction with the software. The result is a polished and engaging ‘screen recording’ based tutorial that clearly and professionally delivers the explanation required.

The collection of seven videos have also been recreated for global use, so have been produced in English, US, Spanish, French and German. All content has been adapted to suit each language, from the voiceover, to the screen capture and the animated overlaid text.

Multi-language Voiceover Recording

Each of the seven tutorial videos were translated and recorded in French, Spanish and German.

Multi-language Screen Capture

Each tutorial video was created using a video screen capture of the software in multiple languages.

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