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Coventry University Health and Life Sciences

This video captures Coventry University’s open day for the Health and Life Sciences department. This Event Coverage video contains ‘VoxPops’ from potential future pupils and their parents, capturing their first impressions of the University. The video also contains aerial footage captured by a professional flight team, so due to the nature of the location being in the centre of Coventry, meticulous risk assessments and flight plans needed to be made. The drone used within the production utilised GPS geofencing to ensure the general public were never put at risk.

Drone Footage

Aerial footage was captured throughout the day’s event by a qualified flight team. Meticulous risk assessments and flight plans were made utilising GPS geofencing.

Filming in 4K

The footage was captured using cameras that utilise large chip sensors, the result is a filmic look with shallow depth of field. All footage was shot in stunning 4K resolution.

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