Institute of School Business Leadership

This explainer video was created for The Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL). The purpose of the video was to bring awareness of ISBL to school leaders and clearly explain the service and support that the ISBL provide.

The approach used was a mix of icon and character based animations, it needed to feel modern, fresh and approachable but maintain a professional overall feel. The animation was created in 4K resolution, includes customised graphical content, motion graphics, kinetic text and is narrated by a professional voiceover artist.


We customised illustrations to insure that the graphical elements are in-keeping with ISBL brand guidelines.

Character Animation

A hint of personality was applied to the animation of the characters to increase engagement to the explainer video.

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“AV Interactive immediately captured the aims for our animation and were able to translate these with little directional change from us. The animation created captures the essence of our organisation and brings our message alive in a short, direct and captivating way, which we and our stakeholders are hugely impressed with. We would highly recommend them.”

Bethan Cullen, Commercial Director, ISBL. ISBL