COVID-19 Video Series

COVID-19 Video Series

We wanted to create a series of COVID-19 based videos that helped to put a smile on a few faces during a really tricky time, but we also wanted to demonstrate how we can create a series of videos using purely stock footage. In other words, we didn’t need to go anywhere or see anyone at all to create these videos; we created our own brief, wrote the script, chose the soundtrack and found the high quality, perfectly fitting pieces of footage from our extensive library, and edited everything together.

Cut the faff

These videos can be created quickly and simply – all we need in order to get started is a brief. We choose the appropriate footage from our library, pick the soundtrack, overlay graphics and text and deliver a video ready to be signed off. No faff.

Suited for purpose

Our series of COVID-19 videos were designed for use on Social Media platforms so we created the right aspect ratios for each platform. Wherever these videos are going to be used, we can deliver them ready to go, completely fit for purpose.

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