Cewe Photobook

Cewe Photobook – Paper types

This video was created for CEWE to show the different types of paper they use in their photobooks. We have added it to our Created in Isolation portfolio because the way we filmed the video is similar to how we would film a video nowadays under Social Distancing guidelines. Our one person camera crew positioned the camera over the shoulder of the actor and locked it in position while she moved the pages. We then moved the camera to another angle and shot further footage completely hands-off.

Empty Premises

We filmed out of hours at CEWE’s premises, as filming in empty premises is ideal. If that is not possible we can film in our Green Screen Studio with a collection and drop off service for the products.

Social Distancing

Being able to run a shoot like this with as few as two people means that we can abide by Social Distancing guidelines and still capture high quality footage.

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