Pharma Animation Explainer

Created for a Pharmaceutical company, this animated video explains in detail how an Agonist, Antagonist and Partial Agonist react when bound to a Mu-opioid receptor. Used as a patient tool, the video shows how Buprenorphine reacts and also compares this reaction with opioids and drugs that block effects (in this example, Naloxone). Bespoke graphical representations of all the elements needed to be created and storyboarded to ensure clear messaging. As this is a complex topic, the images needed to explain fully the effects and reactions, be in-keeping with the company’s brand guidelines and not be overly complicated. The explainer video includes narration from a voiceover artist, a music bed, and has been recreated for a Spanish audience.

Bespoke Graphics

The visual concepts for the elements in the video are bespoke representations created by AVInteractive Ltd.

Detailed Storyboarding

A detailed storyboard was created to ensure that bespoke, graphical representations depicted the responses and effects correctly.

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