The Clear Out

We finally did it. We’ve been talking about it for ages, so we finally bit the bullet and had a clear out. It needed to happen – we were all aware of the dust collectors, tapes from the 80s and empty cardboard boxes that littered the studio – so we got rid.

And do we feel better for it? Oh yes.

Up until our miraculous office transformation, our clients would visit us and be greeted by a ‘lived in’ (aka slightly untidy) working office and film studio. Although the coffee is good, the surroundings weren’t necessary conducive to a calm working environment run by the consummate professionals that we consider ourselves to be.

So, when the date labelled in the diary as ‘The Clear Out’ arrived, we went for it and ruthlessly threw out anything that was no longer of use, hadn’t seen the light of day for a decade or had a layer of dust on it thicker than a centimetre. We umm’d and ahh’d about a number of items that had sentimental value and argued about whether ‘it’ll be worth a bob or two in the future’, but ultimately we spent the day ditching the junk, keeping the useful stuff and clearing the decks.

Unexpectedly ‘The Clear Out’ lit some kind of fire in us and when someone mentioned the words ‘new’ and ‘furniture’ in the same sentence, we found ourselves road-tripping to various corners of the UK to pick up some office must-haves.

And that was it – a lick of paint, Ikea bookcases, some industrial-style desks, muted desk lamps and even a new pup bed for Red, we had transformed our old, slightly tired working space into a haven of clean surfaces and cool stuff.

So how do we feel now that we have a crisp, stylish, more ‘us’ office? Well apart from feeling a proud sense of achievement every time we walk through the door, we seem to have adopted a more clutter-free existence that has transferred into our working style. So, if you want to see our new and improved selves, then why don’t you pop in and see us? The (new) coffee machine is on…..