ABSSAC Product Videos

12 Product videos created for a Virtual Exhibition Stand.

The two examples above are taken from a series of 12 product videos that we created for ABSSAC, who supply innovative rotary and linear power transmission equipment, based in Evesham. The project took place during the COVID-19 Pandemic and ABSSAC wanted to demonstrate that their products could still be viewed as though your were visiting a real-world exhibition stand, but in fact everything has been displayed virtually. The interactive nature of the Virtual Stand couldn’t be more suitable for present times.

The videos were filmed at our on-site Studio – keeping within the current Social Distancing guidelines by using a one-man crew, white backdrop and turntable – and the finished productions contain overlaid animated graphics that use techniques such as motion tracking. Text animation was also added to display information about each product.

Video for a Virtual World

The videos were produced to be displayed within ABSSAC’s bespoke Virtual Exhibition Stand.

4k Filming

The products were filmed in 4k, which means that the footage is four times the resolution of HD. This creates a sharper image and the ability to capture the tiniest details of each product.

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