Purity and Aston Villa FC

Purity and Aston Villa FC

Purity Brewing Co. are proudly the official suppliers of ale for Aston Villa Football Club and have thus created an Aston Villa FC personalised ale. To help promote the sales of their bespoke ale kegs, we filmed a number of Aston Villa footballers playing a game that Purity had devised, similar to the Coconut Shy, that involved knocking down kegs (not coconuts!) with various sizes of ball. The videos were created for Social Media use just prior to Christmas, to encourage all the beer loving Villa fans out there to purchase an Aston Villa or Purity mini keg.

Two camera shoot

Two camera operators were on hand to capture all the footage. There were no ‘retakes’ as the video was all shot and captured in real-time!

Capturing Purity’s vision

Purity had a fantastic, fun concept for the Aston Villa players to execute and our role was to make sure that this translated well into a video that would engage an extremely wide audience.

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